Work at Kursa

Kursa is currently accepting applications for a number of volunteer and paid positions. Please fill out the application form linked below to apply. For applicants with less than three years of work experience at Kursa, please be prepared to include your motivation for applying and list any certifications/qualifications you may have. After applying, please send your resume/CV to

Apply here: Application form

Open positions

Latvian language teacher* Girls’ counselor Boys’ counselor
Interest group leader Sports director Health manager
Lifeguard Photographer media/manager Kitchen manager
Kitchen staff Dishwasher Facilities staff

*Applicants with Latvian language teaching experience and Latvian teaching certificate highly preferred


Detailed compensation agreement for all positions will be provided in employment/volunteer contract. The following outlines the general provisions. Kursa and RKLIC leadership may adjust terms, based on candidate experience, position etc.

  • All volunteers and paid positions are provided full room and board during their stay.
  • Pre-approved supplies and other materials are reimbursed upon providing appropriate receipts to Kursa treasurer.
  • For paid positions, a wage or salary is paid based on the position and the experience of the employee.
  • Volunteers and paid employees may request reimbursement of reasonable travel expenses incurred between home and West Coast Latvian Education Center. Terms and conditions apply to the level of reimbursement, based on distance travelled, method of transport and other factors. Travel reimbursement policies & procedures are found here…

Job Descriptions

(Descriptions include basic duties and requirements; additional duties and responsibilities may apply.)

All positions
  • Support the mission of the West Coast Latvian Education Center.
  • Bring creativity, team work and positive attitudes to their position.
  • Create a supportive environment for students, including accessibility to the Latvian language.
  • Are prompt and active participants in scheduled activities.
  • Are familiar with program rules, safety procedures and other Kursa program policies.
  • Report to the Kursa program director.
Teacher/Interest group leader:
  • Conceptualizes and implements academic curriculum.
  • Designs informative and engaging lesson plans appropriate to the subject and course.
  • Uses a variety of visual aids, textbooks and creative projects to gain student involvement.
  • Chaperones classes and trips.
  • Prioritizes teaching methods.
  • Is available to counsel students.
  • Enforces rules and disciplinary action.
  • Is able lecture and discuss relevant topics competently, while engaging students.
  • Prepares material for classes and presentations.
  • Grades homework, quizzes, and tests.
  • Conducts progress reports and shares feedback with students.
  • Records student activities according to Kursa program policies.
  • Is responsible for general student safety and development, growth, and skill achievement.
  • Provides high quality educational and recreational experiences for students.
  • Is responsible for planning and facilitating various educational and social activities for Kursa program students (including but not limited to crafts, nature walks, songs, games, opening and closing ceremonies, swimming, sports, evening activities, etc.).
  • Identifies and responds to student behavior issues.
  • Ensures that the West Coast Latvian Education Center is kept clean, organized, and free of litter.
  • Communicates with Kursa program leadership regarding participants’ experiences and reports concerns.
  • Knows and understands all emergency procedures associated with the Kursa program.
  • Knows, enforces, and follows all safety guidelines associated with the Kursa program. This includes but is not limited to being responsible for students’ safety and whereabouts at all times.
  • Is CPR/First Aid certified.
Sports director
  • Is responsible for student safety and development, growth, and skill achievement of students.
  • Provides high quality recreational experiences for students.
  • Is responsible for planning and facilitating various educational and recreational experiences for students, often in conjunction with counselors and other staff.
  • Identifies and responds to student behavior issues.
Health manager
  • Is responsible for student safety and health care needs.
  • Manages student medication.
  • Is CPR/First Aid certified.
  • Identifies and responds to student behavior issues.
  • Is available to students to discuss health concerns.
Photographer/media manager
  • Photographs and documents daily camp life and special events.
  • Manages Kursa media presence, coordinating with Kursa program director.
  • Assists with media projects, including, but not limited to, Kursa yearbook, newspaper, scrapbook, video projects.
  • Has valid CPR/First Aid training.
  • Maintains constant surveillance of pool while in use by students.
  • Acts immediately and appropriately to secure safety of pool-goers in the event of emergency.
  • Provides emergency care and treatment as required until the arrival of emergency medical services.
  • Assists in pool maintenance, as necessary.
Facilities staff

The overall responsibility of the Facilities team is to assist in a wide variety of behind-the-scenes maintenance, program and facility activities. Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Emptying trash cans from around camp.
  • Cleaning of all bathrooms and shower facilities.
  • Assisting in the Dining Hall to clean pots, pans and trays.
  • Setting up and taking down special events.
  • In-camp transport of various camp items and equipment.
  • Helping to maintain the camp property and facilities.

Food Services Staff

Kitchen staff are responsible for assisting in the success of the West Coast Latvian Education Center dining hall while serving over 25 students and staff per meal. All Kitchen staff are required to have a valid Washington State Food Worker Card that can be obtained by online training and testing.

Kitchen Manager

Responsible for coordinating and supervision the entire food services operation, while actively participating in providing information, quality food, superior customer service, and a clean and welcoming environment to program participants. These functions are varied and extensive. Some responsibilities may include:

  • Training and directing kitchen staff.
  • Maintaining the set food services budget.
  • Creating unique menus that fit a variety of meal plans, including those with gluten, nut, or other food allergies. Vegetarian food preparation is an important skill set.
  • Preparing various meals for the program to fit the nutritional needs of all students and staff.
  • Monitoring food inventories and preparing orders for additional goods. Working within budget and basing orders on available funds, while minimizing waste.
  • Communicating areas of concern about personnel, scheduling, equipment maintenance, and product needs to the West Coast Latvian Education Center management staff.
  • Supporting positive staff relationships within the kitchen staff, including cooks, food preparation workers, and dishwashing staff.
  • Assigning tasks to the crew based on ability.
  • Monitoring the safety and sanitary levels of activities within the kitchen to ensure that the food is cooked in clean and safe environment.
Kitchen staff
  • Prepare the West Coast Latvian Education Center dining hall for each meal (i.e. set tables for participants), food preparation (i.e. prepare salad bar, fruit, drinks, etc), serves meals to participants, and is responsible for post-meal clean up.
  • Other duties may include preparing food/snacks for special events, day trips, and other responsibilities as requested by kitchen manager.
  • Pre-meal:
    • Preps dishwashing area (turns dishwasher on, sets out slop buckets, lines trash cans, etc.).
    • Helps prep dining area for service (distributes napkin holders, condiments, etc.).
  • During/post-meal:
    • Washes dishes for food services using dishwasher in an assembly line process.
    • Cleans all pots and pans and other instruments used for food preparation.
  • Daily (Post Dinner):
    • Removes trash.
    • Sweeps and mops dining area.
    • Helps clean kitchen area.
    • Completes any other required tasks in and around the dining hall.