Packing List for Attending Students

What will I need at Kursa?

  • Bedding/linens: sheets/blankets or a sleeping bag, pillows, towels
    (It is possible to use the items available at Kursa, particularly for those who are flying or have a limited baggage allowance.)
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes: Kursa shirt, casual clothes, athletic wear, semi-formal outfit/s (appropriate for events, dances, services), swimming suit, jacket/raincoat
    (Washers/dryers are available for student use at Kursa free of charge.)
  • Shoes: walking shoes, sport shoes, black shoes for folk dancing performances, shoes for semi-formal occasions
    (Kursa is located in a natural environment in the beautiful Olympic Peninsula; we recommend shoes that are appropriate for gravel paths, forest trails and rain.)
  • Folk costume, including belt, crown (vaiņags), ribbons (prievītes), brooches (saktas/saktiņas), as needed
    (If you do not have a folk costume, boys should bring: white dress shirt, light, grey or black pants (not jeans), and black dress shoes. Girls should bring: white socks and black shoes; a folk costume can be borrowed from the Kursa collection.)
  • School supplies: writing materials, notebook or binder, Latvian-English dictionary (dictionaries are also available in the Kursa library)
  • Musical instrument, if you play

It is strictly forbidden to bring, use or provide weapons, fireworks, cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia, chewing tobacco, alcohol, narcotics and related paraphernalia or other forbidden materials to Kursa. Any such usage or possession will result in expulsion from Kursa.

If there are difficulties obtaining any required material, please let the school know so that we can collectively solve any problems!